Short North

Columbus’ Short North is a popular cultural district with a hip, distinctive flavor. Massively revitalized over the last few decades, it is bordered by the Ohio State University campus and Downtown while encompassing Victorian Village and Italian Village.

Victorian Village & Harrison West

Known for its numerous examples of 19th century architecture, Columbus’ historic Victorian Village is home to a socially diverse community. Lawyers and doctors mingle with students and craftsmen.

Italian Village

Italian Village is nestled close to the Ohio State University campus and downtown. A sub-district of the Short North, it gets its name from the Italian immigrants who worked and made their homes there at the turn of the 20th century as well as from the prevalence of Italianate architecture in the area.

University District

The Ohio State University is one of the largest and most premier learning institutions in the country. The area surrounding it is home to a diverse population of students and residents as well as Value City Arena and legendary Ohio Stadium.

German Village & Olde Towne East

Olde Towne East is a neighborhood located in the historical Near East Side of Columbus, Ohio and is one of Columbus’ oldest neighborhoods. The area has over 1,000 homes, some as old as the 1830s, and more than 50 architectural styles as a result of its history.