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I hereby desposit with owner/agent, the sum of $ as security deposit on the above premises pending execution of the lease agreement. I understand that my deposit may be applied toward any rent loss, advertising costs, re-rental fees, etc., if this application is approved and I am unable to fulfill the conditions of the lease agreement. The deposit will be returned if this application is not approved, providing all the above questions are answered correctly and truthfully. The undersigned does hereby consent that all information stated on this application may be verified and processed through AmRent, (a Credit Reporting Agency). This may include a credit and police report. If I am accepted by this owner, I hereby agree to the release of future rental history references to AmRent. I understand that this application does not constitute any oral and/or written commitments on the part of the owner/agent. A payment is included herewith, which payment is made for the purpose of verifying the information included on this application. I understand this charge is not under any circumstance, to be returned to me.